So Berkeley!

Oh sun gods, how you tease. But lucky for us, we’ve learned your fickle ways and we’re quick on our sandaled feet. Give us noontime highs in the 70’s throughout the 90’s (see, we don’t ask for much) and we’ll shed our fleece, show some leg and grab our favorite ' accessory —frozen yogurt, ice cream, and sushi rolls! All before the fog starts its inevitable march back in through the Sather Gate.

While some cities’ favorite fashions accessories might have more staying power — as in they don’t melt — Berkeley has always appreciated the fleeting nature of beauty in all its states — from Baltimore-style shaved ice bowls to soft serve.

And, while we applaud the vintage style of these street walkers, the true honors this week have to go to print itself. With memories like basil, jasmine tea, toasted coconut and pistachio-candied pistachio colors it is like the sweetest thing on the street this season.